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Our History

Power Plastics Pty Ltd was incorporated on the 25th of May 1989 with the intention of starting a packaging distribution or plastics moulding business.

It wasn’t until the 1st of September 1997 that the company began trading, producing plastic containers after acquiring 4 old EBM machines and other ancillary assets from A-Pak Plastics Pty Ltd. Based at 10 Turbo Road, Kings Park, NSW we began with 6 employees and the 1200 sq/m site was shared with A-Pak Plastics who continued to run a PET moulding and toolmaking business.

Six months after commencement we had used all of the available space and as the lease was consigned to Power Plastics, A-Pak Plastics moved out and we took over the full 1200 sq/m available. Then only 9 months later we required additional space and leased 300 sq/m of warehouse space from “The Bottle People” who were located within walking distance. The Bottle People were also one of our earlier customers who had approached us with the idea of buying a new machine which we would rent from them.

This gave them control over supply of their products and as we were a start up business and could not obtain funding we were able to continue to expand and this machine became known as” Number 5”.

  By early 2000 we had added 5 additional machines, mostly second hand equipment and it was necessary to locate new premises to lease.

We found a site at 7 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park that was 2400 sq/m with sufficient power which was ideal. In October 2000 while the rest of Sydney was sunning themselves watching the Sydney Olympics, we were busily moving into our new home. The building looked very big and empty but not long after we moved in we needed additional space and started to store stock on a per pallet basis about 1.5 kms up the road.

By 2003 this had become difficult to manage and again it had become necessary to relocate. However the cost of moving is expensive and our vision was to own our premises so that money spent on floors and infrastructure was not wasted. On the 10th June 2003 we settled on the purchase of 71-77 Tattersall Road, Kings Park which was only a short distance from our original start up site. It had previously housed a plastics moulding business and had ample power and was a fully fire equipped building.

In 2009 as we approach our 12th year of business, we are now well settled at Tattersall Road. Currently we employ approximately 50 people and have this year purchased machine number 30. We have retired some older inefficient equipment and the 11,800 sq/m site has approximately 6500 sq/m of covered area. We are again faced with a shortage of space and we are exploring options going forward.
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